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3D Shapes Mural Wallpaper

TenStickers. 3D Shapes Mural Wallpaper. Turn your home into a modern wonderland with this amazingly epic 3D effect shapes wall mural. Worldwide delivery available!

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With this amazing 3D shapes wall mural, you're sure to be the coolest homeowner on your street. This product depicts a tunnel wherein a bunch of for shiny floating black spheres are moving through. The brown tunnel is also made of cuboids of different shapes and sizes. Not only will this fantastic 3d effect mural wallpaper will make your home look as if it's is twice its size, it will also bring a modern and edgy feel that would be difficult to find elsewhere. You'll be happy to know that this product, and many others similar to it, can be applied very easily to your walls with no tearing, peeling or wrinkling.

Information about 3D Shapes Mural Wallpaper

Reference: F029