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Collection of stickers for showers. If your shower has various doors contact us at info@tenstickers-ireland.com and we will create a customised design just for you.
Having a bath these days has become so boring, hasn’t it? Let’s make it interesting! Try out some vinyl labels for the walls, door and mirrors of your bathroom. Oh yes, the bathtub as well. You are spoilt for choice thanks to the wide range of shower stickers we have on offer. However, be careful with the surface you plan to buy vinyl stickers for. It may not stick well to cinder block, dirty walls and some textures. But don’t let that deter you from renovating your bathroom and making those boring morning and tired evening showers a lot more worthwhile!

Icon Shower Sticker

Shells Shower Sticker

Pacman Shower Sticker

Singing in the Shower Sticker

Translucent Plant Leaf Decorative Sticker

Rectangular Pattern Shower Glass Sticker

Gradient Lines Decorative Glass Sticker

Bar Code Etched Glass Decal

Shower Screen Lines Sticker

Square Texture Shower Door Sticker

Translucent Tile Shower Sticker

Geometric Tiles Shower Screen Sticke

Shower Enclosure Chains Sticker

Boy Boat Shower Decal

Under the Water Glass Decal

Forest Branches Shower Sticker

Tsunami Wave Shower Sticker

Floral Shower Decal

Translucent Pieces Shower Sticker

Circled Pattern Shower Sticker

Water Drops Shower Sticker

Giraffe Pattern Shower Sticker

H2O Decorative Shower Sticker

Star Patterned Shower Sticker

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