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+5.300 unique Wall Stickers
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Shopping Stickers

Collection of designs related to shopping. A variety of decals of people and silhouettes on shopping sprees. Ideal for your home or retail business. 

If you love to shop until you drop then these fun stickers are perfect for you to customise your home in a way that reflects your hobbies and personality! Great for girls bedrooms or to decorate shop windows

These trendy stickers are available in a range of sizes so you can easily adapt them to the space that you want to update. Apply them easily to any flat surface without leaving behind any residue. 

The Gift Lady Wall Sticker

My Husband's Card Sticker

Happy shopper sticker

Lady Shopper Window Sticker

Spring Shopping Sticker

Woman Bust Sticker

Glamorous Lady Shopper Sticker

Blonde Shopaholic Model Sticker

Girls Shopping Wall Sticker

Glamorous Woman Sticker

Lady Shopper Silhouette Wall Sticker

Lady with Shopping Bags Sticker

Women's Suit Jacket Sticker

Shopping sticker

Lady Shopper Silhouette Sticker

Fashion Lady Shopping Sticker

Fashionista Wall Sticker

Lady Shopping with Credit Card Wall Sticker

Summer Girl Wall Sticker

Fashion victim sticker

Woman Shopping Wall Sticker

Glamour Girls Wall Sticker

Fashionista Sticker

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